Yoga for constipation - Yoga for digestion

Yoga for constipation? Are you wondering if it really works? It sure does. Constipation could be the main reason for many health problems such as, piles, peptic ulcers, acidity, gas, headaches. 

Getting relief from constipation can help in getting rid of these other health problems.

Yoga can help you in treating constipation. Yoga not only can relieve constipation but can cure chronic constipation.

Trikonasana - Triangle pose

Taking in enough fluids, especially water, adding more vegetables and fruits can help too to get relief from constipation.

In addition to these measures, you can also make use of yoga to get relief from chronic constipation.

In fact you are bound to experience other health benefits too when you do yoga regularly.

You do not need to do all the yoga poses at the beginning. Start with surya namaskar and then continue with what you are comfortable with and do practice regularly.

This yoga poses exercise your abdominal organs and encourages them to function normally.

These yoga poses will surely improve your digestive and elimination system organs without cause any bad side effects.

Yoga for constipation cures: yoga poses - asanas

  • Surya namaskar - sun salutation
  • Pavanmukta asana - wind release pose  
  • Trikonasana - triangle pose
  • Halasana - Plough pose
  • Dhanurasana -the bow pose
  • Sarvangasana - the shoulder stand
  • Mayurasana - the peacock pose
  • Ardha matsyendrasana -

Pranayama : Breathing exercises - for constipation relief

  • Kapalbhati
  • Anulom - vilom
  • Bhasthrika

These asanas/poses should be done regularly. They work as natural remedy for constipation apart from many other benefits that yoga gives you.

If you have chronic constipation problem, it may take some time to improve but doing yoga can be a sure way to improve your digestive and overall health.

Most of the digestive problems, constipation particularly, is a result of a faulty diet. There are some other reasons too for constipation.

Consuming bad/wrong kind of foods over a longer period of time, the unhealthy eating habits and the modern stressful lifestyle can start and make worse a constipation problem.

You should also pay more attention to your diet and eating habits to experience faster improvement.

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