Why is dietary fiber essential to keep you healthy?

Health Benefits of dietary fiber

Are you wondering why is dietary fiber essential for good health? Why everybody is talking about dietary fiber? The information below may help you understant that. You may also read What is dietary fiber?

What are the types of dietary fiber?

There are two kinds of Dietary fiber

  1. Insoluble fiber
  2. Soluble fiber

Both are useful for digestion and elimination. All plant foods do not contain both types of fiber. So it is necessary to include plant foods that contain both soluble fiber as well as foods that contain insoluble dietary fiber.

Given below are the

Benefits of dietary fiber - Importance of dietary fiber for digestive system

  • dietary fiber prevents constipation and relieves constipation. It helps to slow down the food digestion so that all the nutrients from other foods can be absorbed.
  • Dietary fibers help to keep the large intestine(colon) clean. It adds to the weight, bulk and size of the stool and makes it soft. That becomes easier to pass.
  • When you consume high fiber diet, it may reduce your risk of digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome (ibs), diverticular disease(development of small pouches in the colon and hemorrhoids.
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    Other benefits of high fiber diet:

  • Lowers your risk of diabetes and heart disease - Soluble fiber helps lower total blood cholesterol level by reducing 'bad' cholesterol levels.

  • Dietary fiber reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. Fiber, mainly Soluble fiber, slows the absorption of sugar which improves blood sugar levels.
  • High fiber diet helps in weight loss. While eating, you need to eat slower as you need to chew. You also feel full earlier. You consume fewer calories compared to low fiber diet.
  • Most high fiber foods are rich in essential nutrients too.
  • People with diabetes who consume a lot of fiber tend to need less insulin than those whose fiber intake is low.

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