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Do you know why breakfast is important meal of the day. Do you  have a habit of skipping breakfast or just drink some coffee or eat some not so nutritious food for breakfast.

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day as it comes after the nightlong fast for 8-10 hours.

After the last meal of the day before, the digestive system has done its work of digesting food and had a few hours rest.

The stomach has been empty. You need some fuel - food to start the day in the correct way, so breakfast is necessary.

You do not expect to start your car without fuel, do you?

You may be feeling the effects of skipping the breakfast but may not realize them as such. You may have some health issues which will go away when you start having healthy breakfast every morning.

There are many benefits of eating breakfast Whether you are a child, a school going kid or a grown up working out of home or at home, you need breakfast. You may have a busy day ahead where you are not likely to get any time to eat. Once you get out of the house and start your work, will you have time or opportunity to put some food in you till lunchtime?

For kids, breakfast should be compulsory as they need energy for their busy, active day. They need the nutrients to make them grow well. Research has shown that the kids who eat proper, healthy breakfast perform better. They also may have a general healthier diet and healthier lifestyle.

So doesn't it make sense to eat before starting your busy day? The breakfast should be taken within an hour or two after you get up.

Breakfast kick starts your day. You do not need to have a heavy, fat filled, stomach ache giving breakfast. What you need is healthy, nutritious, energy boosting simple food.

Is it not better to plan and eat some healthy breakfast food before starting the day than eat something unhealthy later just because you are hungry and that unhealthy food is the only thing available?

Effects of Skipping breakfast

Low blood sugar and energy level - Your blood sugar will go down and your energy level will get lower.

Sleepy, unfocused, irritable - You may feel hungry, sleepy and you will not be able to do your work properly.

Tired and stressed - You may get tired, irritated, stressed by skipping breakfast.

Make wrong - unhealthy food choices - When you skip eating healthy breakfast, you may eat whatever comes your way when you are hungry.

Skipped breakfast makes you eat whatever is available as a snack or lunch or a heavy dinner later during the day and there goes your resolve of eating healthy and losing weight.

Importance of breakfast is for everyone. Breakfast is beneficial enough to plan it and to keep time aside for it.

Have breakfast by some advance preparation tips given below

You may try the ideas given below that is suitable to your lifestyle.

Remember, your health depends on this.

Keep healthy breakfast foods in your kitchen

When you do your weekly/daily shopping, choose healthy foods for breakfast.

Plan what to make the day before. Before going to bed, take a look into the fridge to see what healthy foods you have there.

Get up 10-15 minutes earlier in the morning if you plan to make something. Do not make lack of time your excuse for skipping breakfast.

Keep cereal ready in the bowl and just add milk and some fruit in the morning if that is your breakfast. Do not load it with sugar.

Use microwave to make or heat something fast.

Hope this gives you the information about why breakfast is important for your health. You may go to healthy vegetarian breakfast recipes if you are looking for some healthy breakfast ideas.

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