What is flatulence - Farting?

Smelly flatulence - Symptom of Indigestion

Want to know what is flatulence or Farting? Flatulence is also referred to as fart / farting or passing the gas or breaking the wind.

Farting or flatulence is the expulsion of mixture of stomach gases which is known as flatus or just 'gas', through the rectum.

This gas is produced during the natural digestion process. It may also be produced because of consumption of certain gas producing foods.

This passing of gas may also be accompanied by a sound. This sound which is caused by the vibration of anal sphincter and sometimes by closed buttocks.

This gas may also have foul smell which is caused by the fermenting food for long in the intestines.

Though for some it is a matter of fun and teasing, to the sufferer it causes embarrassment. Children giggle when someone farts in their presence.

What does flatulence indicate?

Farting is a normal body function. It can occur at any time of the day and in any position.

You may be able to suppress it for some time but as soon as you physically relax, the gas is bound to expel without permission.

It is more likely to happen when you are relaxed or are in a reclining position.

Smelly farts may be the result of eating wrong kinds of foods and are an indication of digestive problem.

It may be the signal of bowel movement. It may accompany stomach bloating or constipation.

It may also be the indication of irritable bowel syndrome.

Chronic and excessive flatulence needs medical assistance. Smelly flatulence means that you need to choose the foods that do not produce much gas or those which reduce gas production.

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