What is dyspepsia - Indigestion

You want to know What is Dyspepsia?

Dyspepsia is also known as Indigestion(sometimes mis-spelt as indegestion) stomach upset, tummy trouble, upset stomach.

It means hard or difficult digestion. Dyspepsia occurs when food is not digested properly by the digestive system. That is when there digestive tract (alimentary canal) has difficulty in changing food in to nutrients that the body can absorb easily.

Indigestion is a common problem and can affect people of all ages. But it can occur more with age as the digestive system may become weaker with age.

As a person gets older, he can not eat and digest food as he used to do when he was young.

Though indigestion is used as a general term for any digestive problem, the indigestion symptoms may differ from person to person and will also depend on the cause. It may be severe indigestion or chronic indigestion.

There are different types of indigestion symptoms. Some of them are given below. Feeling heaviness or uneasiness in the tummy, heartburn, stomach pain, acidity, headache, bloated stomach are common symptoms. The causes are generally related to food. The type of food, overeating, the time of meals, bad eating habits, smoking, not getting enough sleep are some of the common causes of indigestion.

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