What is dietary fiber?

What are the benefits of dietary fiber

Do you know What is dietary fiber? Dietary fiber is also referred to as roughage or bulk. It is the indigestible part of the plant foods. Fibers are undigested carbohydrates.

Fiber is also sometimes spelt as fibre. It comes from the Latin word fibra, meaning fiber, thread, string, filament, entrails.

Dietary fiber refers to the part of our food that remains undigested even after the other parts are digested. These are the plant based parts that can not be digested by gastrointestinal enzymes and can not be absorbed.

Dietary fiber comes from the thick cell walls of plants. It is an indigestible complex carbohydrate. It goes through our digestive system without being digested, absorbs water and keeps the wastage moist and helps to have easy bowel movement.

People suffering from constipation are advised to take high fiber foods. Low fat high fiber diet may have a protective effect against many chronic illnesses.

Types of dietary fiber

Fiber is divided into two general categories:

Soluble fiber (dissolves in water) and

Insoluble dietary fiber (does not dissolve in water).

This fiber is naturally present in plant based foods such as vegetables and fruits.

Fiber supplements are also available for those who do not include enough of these natural foods in their diet or do not get enough of it from their foods.

Hope you found this information about dietary fiber useful.

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