What is an antacid? How do antacids work?

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What is an antacid - How do antacids work?

An antacid or anti-acid is a substance used to reduce the stomach acid.

It may be a medication taken to neutralize stomach acids which causes acid reflux, heartburn and indigestion.These are popular as they work fast and give quick relief from heartburn indigestion.

Some foods are also anti acid, so you can use them as natural antacids.

Chemical Antacid or the over the counter antacid is an orally taken medicine. It is available in many forms such as pills, tablets, capsules, granules, wafers, powders and liquids.There are many brands selling these anti acids in the above mentioned forms.

Antacid tablets are more commonly used as they are easy to carry. Liquid antacids are easy to take and are available in different flavors.

People have their own favorite forms of antacids and also antacid brands that work for them.

Antacid contains alkali. It is an agent that counteracts or neutralizes acidity. It is used to reduce excess stomach acidity which irritates the lining of the digestive system.

Some antacid antigas medications are also available.

Antacids can be purchased over the counter, without a doctor's prescription. But it is always better to take it with your doctor's advice.

If you are taking any other medicines, your choice of antacid may cause some side effects. Inform the doctor about the medicines you are taking and the doctor can suggest an alternative antacid brand which will not cause side effects.

Long term use of antacids may cause side effects and also make it ineffective.

What are the main Ingredients in antacid:

Antacids are made with basic compounds such as calcium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide, Aluminum hydroxide, Aluminum carbonate, Sodium bicarbonate and Hydrosulfite.

A combination of the above may be used. Some other basic ingredients are also added in commercial antacids.

Some antacids also contain ingredients to reduce excess gas production which may the side effect of the use of antacid.

Which are the known brands of Antacids:

Brands of antacids are Mylanta, Pepto Bismol, Phillips, Rolaids, Tums. Prevacid, alka-seltzer, pepsid, Maalox, Tagamet, Gaviscon etc.

Antacids are drugs. And like any other drug, they may have side effects that you did not expect.

Though antacid tablets look colorful, and the liquid antacid is easy to take, these store bought drugs are still some chemicals that you are putting in your body.

It may be all right to take it once in a while when you have excess stomach acid and the resultant acid reflux or heartburn. These 'over the counter antacids' work fast.

If you have chronic heartburn and are taking them regularly, think again.

It is healthier and advisable to control your diet, eating habits, changing over to healthy lifestyle to improve your digestive system.

It is also better to use natural antacids, the foods that work as antacids. Adding these natural antacid foods in your daily diet may solve the problem of excess stomach acidity.

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