What does indigestion feel like?

So you want to know what does indigestion feel like. Indigestion is a very commonly used word to express any digestive problem.

You may not have all the indigestion symptoms given below as there are many types of indigestion. You may experience only some of the sensations.

You feel sick when you have indigestion.

You may feel nauseous, uncomfortable.

You may have burning pain the chest.

You may feel bloated, a feeling of being full of air.

Even when you have eaten very little or none at all, you will feel full, almost to the bursting point when you have indigestion. It feels like the food is just sitting there in a solid block in the stomach.

It may feel as if something is stuck in the throat, refusing to go down.

You may feel burning sensation in the throat and the chest.

You may have vomiting sensation or may actually vomit, and may feel better after vomiting.

There may be that sour acidic taste in your mouth and throat.

There may be that continuous belching and burping where the stomach acids come back into the throat.

There may be that growling noise in the stomach as if it is complaining about something you ate or for overburdening the stomach by eating too much.

There may be stomach pain or chest pain. The severity of the pain may depend on how severe indigestion you have.

This is how you may feel when you have indigestion.

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