Do you know What causes bloating?

If you are here to know what causes bloating, here are some more stomach bloating causes.

Stomach bloating, bloated belly, abdominal bloating, bloating stomach, belly bloat, all these terms refer to the same digestive problem symptoms.

Though the symptom may be same, the cause may be different for everyone having this problem.

Here are some common causes. You may also read more Causes of bloating

Causes of abdominal bloating - bloated stomach

Digestive problems: Stomach bloating or abdominal bloating may be a symptom of a digestive problem and that problem should be treated and not just the symptom. Improving digestion should be the aim, not just getting rid of the bloating. Once the digestion improves, bloted stomach symptom will disappear too.

Eating too much of spicy and fatty foods can lead to indigestion or incomplete digestion of foods. These foods slow down the digestion process. This can cause bloated belly feeling.

Constipation may be another cause for abdominal bloating and treating constipation will help reduce bloating. The gas in the colon does not pass and can give you a bloated feeling.

Lactose intolerance can cause more gas to be produced. People who have lactose intolerance are not able to digest dairy products properly and suffer from gas and bloating.

Consumption of gas producing foodscan cause more gas. Gas can be released through the mouth as a belching - burping or through rectum as flatus. When that does not happen, stomach bloating may be the result.

Want to read some More Causes of bloating?

When there are such varying causes for bloating, the remedies for bloating vary too.

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