Types Of Indigestion - Indigestion symptoms

There are different types of indigestion though indigestion is used as a general term to refer to any digestive problem.

It may be in reference to a chronic indigestion problem that you have for a long time or a severe indigestion problem that occurs suddenly.

The digestive tract is long and consists of different organs. Depending on which organ gets affected more, the indigestion symptoms are manifested.

For example, acid indigestion and heartburn occurs when the esophagus, the food pipe, at the upper end of the digestive tract, is involved.

It causes acid reflux and the burning sensation in the chest which is generally referred to as heartburn.

Excessive gas induces bloating which affects the stomach. The stomach growls and groans with pain and discomfort.

Other types include diarrhea, gas, nausea, abdominal pain and discomfort, abdominal swelling.

All these occur because of the digestive problems and most of the time can be cured by choosing healthy food and eating healthy meals and also by developing healthy life habits.

The symptoms of indigestion may seem same but the causes may be different in different persons.

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