Super foods list for super health

Top super foods list - nuts, seeds, whole grains,lentils

This super foods list contains the nutrition and health giving foods such as nuts and seeds, whole grains, beans, legumes and lentils etc.

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Super foods - nuts and seeds


Nuts are high in calories but still helpful in losing or maintaining weight.

Consuming nuts in the morning or as a snack makes you feel satisfies and reduces the consumption of other not so nutritious foods.

Walnuts - contains omega 3 fatty acids that improve memory and coordination.

Brazil nuts - have more selenium than any other food.

Peanuts - has amino acid to keep blood vessels healthy.

Almonds, Pecans and Pistachios - are rich in protein.


Sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, melon seeds have keep heart healthy, fight infections.

Fennel seeds - are very useful for digestion for infants and adults alike. Helps in dealing with indigestion, constipation. Read more about fennel ...

Sesame seeds -  contain calcium and vitamin E. Help in keeping the heart healthy.

Flax seeds - Helps in dealing with constipation and detoxing body. Read more about flaxseeds...

Super foods Whole grains

These include whole wheat, brown rice, and millet. The less processed the better. These contain anti oxidants as well as vitamins, iron, fiber and mineral. They help reduce obesity and diabetes.

Whole wheat flour - is better than the plain flour as it is less processed and contains the nutrients.

Brown rice - provides magnesium and is useful in building bones and converting food to energy.

Millet - Millet contains iron, high fiber, proteins, calcium, B complex vitamins and also vitamin E. It is rich in minerals, lowers cholesterol.

It is non glutinous and can be used for gluten free recipes. It is non acid forming. It is easy to digest and is soothing to the body.

There are different types of millet available as you can see in the image. Read more about millet ...

Barley - provides fiber that helps control blood sugar and lowers cholesterol.

Oats - steel cut oats are considered better than rolled oats as there is less process involved in the making of steel cut oats.

Oatmeal is full of fiber and Oats digest slowly so keep you feel full longer and that helps in weight loss. Read more about oats ...

Super foods beans, legumes and lentils


Beans of all kinds, black beans, kidney beans, soya beans, chickpeas, are full of proteins, anti oxidants, potassium. They also have iron, zinc. They contain soluble fiber and reduce cholesterol. They help you fight disease.

Edamame - has a plant protein, fiber, folate and cholesterol lowering phytosterols.

Lentils A great source of protein, folate, B vitamin.

Black beans They are loaded with protein, fiber, and flavonoids, antioxidants.

Super foods Dairy products

Fat free milk - calcium and vitamin D. you need in a day, muscle building protein.

Yogurt - protein, calcium. Improves immunity, colon health, digestive health. Read more about yogurt

Other super foods

green Tea - prevents hardening of the arteries.

Soy milk - good source of vegetable protein and calcium.

Canola oil - alpha linolenic acid, vitamin E.

Olive oil -

Super foods for meat eaters

Eggs provide protein

Salmon - omega 3 acids.

Oysters - iron, zinc. keep your immune system strong.

Sardines - provide vitamin D and omega-3 fats.

Turkey breast - low cal protein

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