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The meaning for super food is in general, "a food considered especially nutritious or otherwise beneficial to health and well-being".

The term 'super foods' is not commonly used by dietitians and nutritionists.

What is the definition of super foods

All foods have some nutritional benefits for your body. But all foods are not equal in nutrition.

Super foods are the foods that have a lot of nutrition and health benefits to your body.

Super foods contain various minerals, vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids, enzymes and antioxidants etc.

Why are super foods necessary?

Most of the foods you eat may not provide you with all the nutrition needed by the body. To get all the nutrition, you may need to consume many types of foods and also more food.

When we consume more junk foods, body is deprived of the needed nutrition. Then you consume more food than necessary which may cause overeating and obesity and the other related problems.

When we make super foods as part of our daily meals, you can see the benefits in your body and mind. You can see the improvements in how you feel and look.

When should you use super foods?

These super foods should not be consumed only when you have a health problem. They should be part of our daily diet.

That way you can keep healthy and keep the digestion proper. When super foods are a part of your everyday meals, body gets the required daily nutrition.

There is no need to over eat and the related issues such as digestive problems, obesity etc. are reduced or nonexistent.

Digestion problems form a part of ill health problems for many people. Many of the physical problems are related to the foods you eat and your digestion.

Once the proper foods are consumed, digestion improves and the related disorders, pains go away.

So whatever health problems you are having, it is advisable to pay attention to your diet and the foods you consume.

Where do you get super foods? Most of the super foods are vegetarian though eggs and some kinds of fish are also sometimes included.

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