Stomach Digestion - Stomach Diagram

Stomach digestion is the second phase of digestion. The first phase has already happened in the mouth while chewing.

The stomach is located between esophagus(food pipe) and the intestine.

The food pipe or the oesophagus opens into a chamber which is referred to as the stomach.

Stomach is a sac like organ connecting to the oesophagus at the upper end and to the duodenum at the lower end. Duodenum is the starting part of the intestine.

The stomach stores food. It can stretch to hold foods and the gastric juices that are produced during the digestive process.

The release of gastric juices starts at the sight, smell or taste of food. It happens at the regular meal times even without the smell or sight of foods.

The stomach is ready for digestion with the gastric juices when the food enters.

The three parts of stomach

Stomach itself has three parts.

1. fundus(upper part),
2. body(middle or center part)
3. antrum(lower end part).

Stomach has layers of muscles and nerves. The innermost stomach lining (known as mucosa) is made of mucus.

This mucus protects the stomach lining from the stomach acids. Gastric juices containing acids are released into the stomach at the regular meal times.

In case the food is not consumed at regular meal times for some reason, these gastric juices can damage the stomach lining. So it is important to eat meals at regular times.

Stomach holds a meal in the upper portion and releases it into the lower portion a little at a time where the digestion process happens.

The food is stored in fundus and the body until it is ready to be sent to the intestines.

The digestion of foods in stomach is called gastric phase of digestion. The food gets mashed and mixed well in the stomach.

The digestive acids, hydrochloric acid is present in the stomach when food enters at meal time. This acid acts in decontaminating the toxics and the harmful bacteria that got in through the mouth. It sterilizes the system.

This acid also starts the digestion of the proteins. The fat digestion which started with the saliva in the mouth, continues in the stomach.

The antrum or the lower portion of the stomach is where the food grinding action takes place. The regulation of the level of produced acid also happens in the antrum.

The food is sent into the intestine through the pyloric sphincter which is controlled by antrum.

When we talk about the stomach diseases or stomach disorders, they problems may affect any part of the stomach.

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