Stomach Bloating - Bloated Belly

Also known as belly bloat - abdominal bloating

Stomach bloating is also known as abdominal distension or abdominal bloating. It is also referred to as bloated belly or belly bloat or bloated stomach.

This bloated stomach condition refers to an abnormal increase in the size of the abdomen. It looks like a general swelling of the stomach.

Bloating is a medical condition whereby the stomach becomes overstretched because of the excessive gas (air) in it. The abdominal bloating may be accompanied by stomach pain. The bloated belly feels painful.

The patient feels a tight and full abdomen and discomfort. Bloating may also be accompanied with gas and flatulence and farting. It may be smelly gas.

The bulge in the stomach may be the excess fat in your body or it may be because of the gas accumulated which causes bloating.

Bloating is a symptom of indigestion. It can also occur when the patient is constipated. Many times, the bloated belly is because of weight gain. It is possible to gain weight around the belly when you are overweight.

Such a belly can be reduced with proper exercises. But when the causes of bloating are not related to only weight gain, stomach exercises do not help bloating.

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