Smelly flatulence - smelly farts - smelly gas

What are the causes of smelly farts

Did you make a face or wrinkle your nose at the mention of Smelly flatulence? It is also referred to as smelly gas or smelly farts. Smelly fart is very embarrassing when you are in public places.

You remember that time when you were in a group of people and suddenly, the deadly smell spread around you?

Everyone looked at the other person wondering who might be the culprit. Only one person knew who it was but pretended to look around unconcerned. May be it was you. Right?

Smelly fart is quite disgusting even for the person letting it out. It can even make a person want to throw up. And when that happens in public, well...

Production of gas is a natural part of digestive process. Flatulence or farting occurs as a way to release this gas.

A person generally does not have much control over farting. He may postpone it for some time but it is likely to happen as soon as the person relaxes, changes physical position or lies down.

Causes of smelly flatulence

  • Smelly flatulence or smelly farts is the result of smelly gas produced during the digestive process. This smelly gas, hydrogen sulfide, contains sulfur.
  • Some foods that produce more hydrogen sulfide during the digestive process are eggs, meat, onions, cabbage, cauliflower etc.
  • Smelly farts may be the result of eating wrong kind of foods in large quantities, the foods mentioned above.
  • Excessive Smelly gas is an indication of severe indigestion. It may be only temporary.
  • Smelly farts are also an indication of an unclean colon (large intestine). It may also be accompanied by pain or stomach ache.
  • If you have been constipated for long, the uncleared intestinal waste may produce smelly gas.

How to reduce or stop smelly farts

  • If you have a tendency for producing smelly gas, see if your diet consists more of the foods mentioned above. Reduce their consumption to avoid smelly farts.
  • Make sure you regularly visit toilet when you feel the urge to avoid accumulation of unwanted intestinal waste. Avoid constipation.

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