Relief for constipation

You want immediate relief for constipation when you are suffering from it as the discomfort gets worse with time. Depending on the type of constipation you have, chronic constipation or acute constipation, the following remedies may help to relieve constipation.

Relief for constipation

The remedy will also depend on the causes of constipation. Is it the food you eat that is causing you constipation or are your unhealthy habits a cause of constipation? Is it because you have got so much used to taking laxatives that the bowl movement does not happen naturally.

  • If your constipation has occurred because of dehydration, drink 1-2 glasses of water. Cold water or warm water, according to your preference. Drinking warm water before 15-20 minutes of going to toilet may help.
  • Drink warm water with a little lemon the first thing in the morning.
  • If your constipation is because of the lack of proper amount of dietary fiber, add more dietary fiber in your diet. Increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables in general or take fiber enriched foods or fiber suppliments.
  • Walk a little or keep moving around whenever possible. Mobility helps. Regular Light exercise helps. ;Doing regular exercise is better for your overall health anyway.
  • Go to toilet when the urge is there. Do not postpone it for long. Even if you are not able to visit toilet immedietly when you are still feeling the urge, go as soon as it is possible to go. You may need to spend a little more time in the toilet but you may be able to get some results.
  •  Try to be relaxed when you go to toilet. Stress can not help when you are constipated. Stress can make things worse.
  •  Be prepared to spend some time in the toilet.
  • Take something to read with you if you feel that will help in relaxing. I like to read so I generally take a newspaper or a magazine with me to the toilet. The job gets done without my feeling the need to get out fast.
  • You may listen to music.
  • The bowl movement does not have to happen only in the morning. So don't worry if you have a habit of going in the evening. What is important is that you are going regularly and having a bowl movement.

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