Psyllium fiber - Seeds - husks
Also known as Isabgol - ispaghula

Psyllium fiber husks is also known as ispaghula, isabgol husks. Psyllium seeds are also available.

Psyllium or isabgol or ispaghula is available in powder, granules, capsule and liquid form. It is also available in wafer form. It is taken orally. Which ever form you use, lots of liquid should be taken with psyllium. This liquid can be plain water or fruit juice.

It is better to take it according to doctor's instructions. Also take it only as long as the doctor advises.

What is psyllium fiber - psyllium seeds - psyllium husk?

Psyllium seeds - image of isabgol seeds below.

Psyllium or isabgol is a natural vegetable product.

Psyllium fiber comes from psyllium seeds.

The husk is removed from the seeds. It has a bland taste.

Psyllium husks - image of isabgol husks below.

Isabgol has been used since a long time, for centuries, since middle ages for relief from constipation.

It is oily and purgative.

India produces and exports psyllium fiber and psyllium husks.

Uses of psyllium fiber - psyllium husk - isabgol.

Psyllium is used as dietary fiber.

It is a soluble fiber.

It is not absorbed by small intestine.

It contains no artificial chemicals.

It is used as a laxative.

It is non addictive. It is not habit forming.

It is safe and natural. It has no side effects.

It can be taken by people of all ages. It is used to relieve constipation (see details below).

It helps in improving the blood cholesterol levels. (see details below).

This plant fiber is used as an ingredient in high fiber breakfast cereal.

It forms a colorless clear gel and increases in volume.

It is used as a thickener in ice creams and frozen desserts.

De-husked seed is useful as natural dietary fiber for animals in India.

Using psyllium - isabgol for weight control

Psyllium is one of the main herbs used for weight control.

It reduces appetite as it expands with liquid and fills the stomach faster.

It helps in healthy dieting and cleansing the digestive system.

Using psyllium husks - isabgol for constipation.

Psyllium / isabgol absorbs water. It expands and that adds to the stool bulk. The stool is better formed because of the added bulk. That helps in promoting regularity in bowel movement.

It stimulates normal, proper bowel movement. It is a natural laxative.

It softens stool. It also controls dysentery and loose motions. In short, it regulates bowel movement.

Psyllium improves the blood cholesterol levels.

Isabgol reduces blood cholesterol levels. The insoluble fibers in wheat bran and cellulose give the laxative effect when used but they do not have any effect on cholesterol.

Isabgol has soluble fiber and helps in improving the ratio of good and bad cholesterol. It forms a thin layer on the intestines.

This prevents the absorption of cholesterol in to the arteries. This cholesterol is excreted in the stool. This helps in improving the blood cholesterol levels.

Psyllium is Good for intestinal health.

It has gentle healing effect on intestinal tract.

Helps in controlling constipation and general Irritable bowel syndrome symptoms.

It expels toxins from colon along with the stool by forming bulk. This can go a long way in improving digestion.

Digestive problems such as indigestion, flatulence are reduced and a feeling of physical well being is improved.

It helps hemorrhoids (piles), fistulas, fissures patients. As it softens stool, it reduces or eliminates the burning sensation and pain felt by the person after defecation.

It is also used in pregnancy or by patients having hernia or cardiovascular diseases as it helps in preventing straining during defecation.

Psyllium Side effects

The possibility of side effects of isabgol is not much because it is not absorbed in the intestines. There is only the mechanical action on the body.

Caution :

As psullium absorbs liquids to form bigger bulk, you must take with lots of water.

As it has a bland taste and if you do not like that, take it with fruit juice.

Psyllium or Isabgol should not be taken along with other medicines as it reduces the absorption of the medication.

Consult your doctor about the dosage and timing.

Availability of Psyllium - Isabgol - ispaghula

Psyllium is available in powdered - ground form.

You may also take as graham cracker available in medicine sections of grocery stores.

It is used in Metamucil - USA Bonvit - Australia Fybogel - UK Gulab sat isabgol - India

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