Periodic Chronic Belching accompanied with nausea, upset stomach & clear but slimy saliva

by C. Lee
(Mason, Ohio)

I have been battling this nonsense for at least 2 months now. The first time it occurred... I burped small consecutive burps for an entire day. No weird taste or smell associated with them, but constant and very tiring.Took everything from antacids to gas-x to tums... You name it I tried it...nothing helped. This continued inconsistently for days...then one day it stopped and I was seemingly back to "normal". So I forgot about it and thought it was food induced or a bug in my system or just a really bad gas problem that finally left.

Then a week later it started back up again... this time with pain in my gut and I felt like I needed to get sick or have a bowel movement... neither happened. So I stopped drinking anything with carbonation and added activa to my diet and still I am dealing with the same thing. Its not everyday, but most definitely every other day...And some days it seems to be getting better and the burping is less and the discomfort isn't as prominent...and then out of nowhere the feeling of nausea comes back and I get real tired and worn down feeling accompanied with the constant burping...

For example this past weekend was good, not as much burping or feeling bad, but that was coming off of a really bad week of it... So Monday I felt fine..Great actually... Ate my activia and fruit and had water to drink, ate a granola bar later on and had a peach that afternoon, then skipped lunch cause I got too busy at work and ate mini burgers for dinner, then Tuesday was still good...ate about the same diet as the day prior, then Tuesday night it flared up again about the time I wanted to fall asleep... the discomfort in my
stomach kept me awake longer than I wanted. By morning I was fine... that was I took some antacid, which hadn't seem to make a difference before, but I felt I needed to do something...then Wednesday it was off and on...not bad most of the day but increasingly more burping by that night...but no discomfort associated at all... and I had been having normal bowels up to that point..

then today, Thursday I woke up with the burping and the discomfort...only ate activa, banana and coffee today so far and I shouldn't be hungry but my stomach is growling at me... and I feel like eating, I think, but I also feel like getting sick and my stomach hurts again and I already had one bowel movement today... and I forgot to mention earlier that during some of these belching fits... like today, I need to spit every so often because the saliva that comes up with the burps is thick and slimy and tastes kinda sweet, but still no smell or bad taste with the belching...

So weird and tiring and steals my energy to accomplish regular activities... makes me want to sleep cause its the only time I don't burp...or at least I am not aware of it... I don't know what to do.. this is getting to be too much to handle... Cant continue living like this... I just want it gone...

I would like to know the root of the problem, because I think the belching and other stuff is a symptom telling me that something else is wrong... but I have no idea what... So anyway...if anyone has had experienced this and found out how to get it to stop or what causes it so I can treat that.. I would greatly appreciate any help you can give. Thanks.

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Sep 28, 2015

Hi, i would say i enjoyed this article but that would be stupid but, this is how i am as well, no sense or reason with what i eat or drink tried allsorts, i know mine is a hiatus hernia but after a long time and many investigations, plenty of ant- acids im no better, its put me off going on holiday on my own as i dont know how im gonna be from day to day.

Jul 26, 2015
Same Symptoms Here
by: Dre

Hi.. Im experiencing the same. I think its possibly gallstones. Contact me on email: as I would like to figure it out too.

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