How to Treat Newborn Constipation

Symptoms, causes, remedies for
constipation in newborn babies

Just like adults, newborn babies can also suffer from constipation.

Newborn constipation is a condition where stools become hard causing pain to the baby.

Babies that suffer constipation will have trouble or pain during their bowel movements. There is no normal number or schedule for a baby's bowel movements, but a newborn baby usually passes a stool after each feeding.

Symptoms of newborn constipation

If your baby's bowel movements are becoming less frequent than usual, your baby might be constipated. However, infrequent and harder stools are not only the signs of constipation in newborn babies. Very liquid stools can also be a sign that your baby is constipated.

Causes for constipation in a new-born

  • There are several things that can cause constipation in babies. If you are feeding your baby with formula, it is possible that the formula contains something that causes your baby's constipation. You may need to switch to other brands, but make sure that you consult your baby's doctor first.
  • Breast-fed babies on the other hand, rarely suffer from constipation. So breastfeeding your baby is always the best thing to do.
  • Another possible cause of constipation is solid food. The first solid food that you feed your baby with during feeding transition period, such as rice cereal, is low in fiber.
  • Newborn constipation may also be a result of dehydration, as the lack of fluid will produce hard, dry bowel movements.
  • Although uncommon, illness can also cause newborn constipation. You definitely need to check with your baby's doctor about this.

Treating your baby's constipation. You can try to

  • get your baby some exercise by moving his/her legs gently
  • do massage your baby's belly
  • switching to different brand of formula
  • switching to other type of solid food if your baby is in feeding transition period.

  • Whatever you do to treat your baby's constipation, make sure that you consult your baby’s doctor first.

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