Natural remedies for heartburn
Home remedies for heartburn

Natural remedies for acid reflux

Looking for natural remedies for heartburn. Here are a few home remedies for heartburn. Millions across the country suffer with heartburn everyday.

Heartburn is a burning irritation in the esophagus that is usually caused by an overproduction of gastric acids in the stomach.

Those prone to suffering with heartburn are individuals with very heavy appetites(who overeat), those under stress, overweight people, and pregnant women.

Suffering with heartburn is an irritating problem, but fortunately it is not life threatening in general. Of course, it is important to treat the heartburn.

Most turn to over the counter antiacids for mild heartburn or prescription drugs for more severe heartburn. But the antacids may have side effects. and over a time, they stop working too.

A growing number of people are now seeking natural home remedies for heartburn. For many this is the only choice.

Natural home remedies for heartburn and acid reflux

Chewing Gum - It may seem strange, but chewing a stick of gum to stop heartburn actually works. Chewing gum increases the production of saliva in the mouth which buffers the acid. Swallowing the saliva produced leads to pushing the acid trapped in the esophagus back out and downward.

Peppermint - Recent studies have shown a very good natural remedy for heartburn is peppermint. This natural healing herb neutralizes the disruptive gases in the digestive system. Drinking a few glasses of peppermint tea daily helps to improve the heartburn problem. Read more at Mint tea recipe

Chamomile - Drinking a few glasses of chamomile tea daily helps to improve the acid indigestion and acid reflux problem. Read more at How to make chamomile tea?

Licorice - Chewing a stick of licorice or drinking hot licorice tea is also another one of the best natural remedies for heartburn.

Eat Small Meals - Studies show that those who consume very large spicy meals on a regular basis often develop heartburn. Try cutting back and consume several smaller meals instead of three large meals. Eating a small meal every two hours helps controlling heartburn. It also helps in weight loss.

Eat slowly - Don't rush through your meals. Eat slowly and carefully chew the food to give the digestive system time to react to the food. Plus, release saliva which protects the stomach against the acid reflux.

Avoid irritants - Aspirin, ibuprofen, alcohol, spicy foods and caffeine, chocolates are known irritants that contribute to heartburn.

Not everybody will be affected by the same irritant. So observe which ingredient, food, medicine, drink causes the heartburn problem in you.

Always consult your doctor about natural heartburn remedies before use.

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