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It is better to take natural antacids instead of the synthetic antacids available over the counter. These are the foods that regulate the stomach acidity.

Most of the time these natural foods which work as antacids are available in your home. So they may cost you less compared to the store bought antacids.

There are a few foods that reduce the stomach acid levels. These are natural antacid foods. But all the natural antacid foods may not work for your situation. So you will have to try and see which ones work for you in reducing stomach acids.

You should find the best antacid that works for you. You should also consider your general health condition and your other health problems when introducing these natural antacid foods in your diet.

Dietary fiber - increasing dietary fiber can reduce heartburn for many people.

Banana - banana works for many as it is a natural antacid food. But do consult your doctor as bananas are high in potassium.

Dairy Milk - milk is a natural antacid drink. A glass of milk soothes the stomach. Cold milk is better but warm milk also works well for some before bed time. But before you try milk as antacid, make sure that you do not have allergy to dairy products.

Ice cream - ice cream, being a milk product, is a natural antacid food. Be careful about the flavor you choose. Vanilla is better than chocolate or peppermint. Again, make sure you do not have allergy to dairy products.

Yogurt - yogurt helps in digestion because of the active culture. The healthy bacteria is useful in the digestive tract to breakdown foods for digestion.

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