Mint tea recipe - Herbal tea Recipe

Make mint herb tea for better digestion

This mint tea recipe is very easy to make and needs only a few ingredients. It can be served at any time, as it can be made caffeine free.

It can be made according to your taste with the variations given below.

You can make it only with mint leaves and water like herbal tea or you can use it along with tea bags to get mint flavored tea.

What kind of mint leaves to use - fresh or dried?

The mint used can be fresh mint leaves or dried and powdered mint. Fresh mint has better flavor but if it is not available, you can use the dried leaves or dried and powdered mint.

Mint benefits

Mint is good for digestion.

Mint takes away bad breath.

It reduces flatulence. This mint tea is good to drink after a meal or along with a heavy meal.

How to make mint tea

Ingredients for making mint tea

Fresh mint leaves - 12-15

Water - 2 cups

sugar or honey as sweetener(optional) 1 tsp or according to taste.

Making mint tea

Bring water to boil. Add the mint leaves and continue boiling for 3 to 5 minutes. The color of the water will change and the mint aroma will fill the air.

Have patience and wait for at least 5 minutes. You may also chop the fresh mint leaves roughly before adding them to water.

Take off fire and pour into cups. You may add sugar or honey according to taste.

If you wish, you may strain the tea before putting into the cups, but I do not think that is necessary.

The boiled mint leaves may be chewed as you drink tea. I think they taste good too.

Variations of mint tea - What else can you add to your mint tea?

If you use tea bags, the tea bags will be according to how strong you want your tea.

You may also add tea leaves. If adding tea leaves, add after the mint leaves have boiled for some time.

You may add a little bit of crushed ginger along with mint leaves to the boiling water. That gives you wonderful ginger flavored mint tea. Ginger is good for digestion too.

If you wish, you may add a little milk. Remember that when you add milk, the mint flavor will be milder. So if you are adding milk, add more leaves while boiling or boil for a little longer. I

Instead of milk, You may add a few drops of lemon juice to the cup. Do not add lemon to the boiling water. Lemon gives a good taste and flavor and is good for digestion too.

Now enjoy your mint tea. You may have added ginger, milk, lemon or tea leaves or it may be made with just mint leaves.

I am sure you will enjoy it the way it is.

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