Does mindless eating make you overeat?

How eating mindfully can help you lose weight?

Mindless eating is something that most of the people do most of the times.

Think of the last meal you had and think about how much attention you gave to the food you ate, what you ate, how you ate and what were your feelings while you were eating.

Did you notice how the food looked, tasted, or felt in your mouth or in your fingers if you ate it with your hands or even how much you ate?

Are you in the habit of multitasking? Are you eating and eating only or were you driving to work, watching tv, reading a newspaper or a book, working on your computer, arguing with someone, chatting with someone online or in front of you, talking over phone etc.

If you are doing any of these things, how much of your mind was in the act of eating and on the food you are eating and how much of your attention was on your other activity?

What is mindlessness?

Mindlessness and mindfulness are terms used in relation to mediation.

The dictionary meaning of mindlessness is 'Lacking intelligence or good sense; foolish'. 'Mindlessness' is opposite of 'mindfulness'. If you are on autopilot when doing things, if you have a habit of multitasking, you have experience of mindlessness.

For us here, Mindlessness is the act of doing something without paying attention to it. It is doing something with your hands while your mind is somewhere else.

How do we eat mindlessly?

Eating for most of us is an act of filling stomach with food. Eating is a matter of habit. Most of the times, we eat because it is time to eat.

We fill our plate out of habit and not by how hungry you are feeling at the moment. And then, our hand picks up the food and puts in the mouth and we chew a little just to be able to swallow or push it down with a drink. And all this can happen without really being aware of what we are eating, how we are eating etc.

If you are using a larger plate, you are likely to overload the plate because you are not paying attention. And then you are going finish that extra food even after your stomach becomes full because your mind is too busy with another activity to realize that your stomach is full.

When you are eating with someone else, you tend to eat more than you need because your mind is busy with the conversation. You may take a second helping without realizing that you are doing it.

You don't even notice how and when the plate became empty. You don't remember when and how the food disappeared.

We are more likely to overeat when we are eating mindlessly and that is definitely going to add to our body weight. And when you do it too often, you are going to be overweight and then wonder how and when did that happen?

How to stop mindless eating and start eating mindfully to lose weight?

If you want to lose weight, eating mindfully can help you. Just by paying more attention to the food, you can be on the way to losing weight.

If you are likely to be multitasking while eating,

  • Pay attention at least while filling your plate.
  • Do not eat out of a box or a big amount of food.
  • Take smaller amount of food on your plate.
  • Stop when you feel satisfied and do not continue to eat till you feel full.
  • It may not be possible to eat mindfully every time you have something to eat. But doing it whenever possible, even occasionally, can help in eating less, in enjoying food more and achieve some weight loss.

    It is definitely worth giving a try. Then try to do it as frequently as possible and you are bound to feel closer to your weight loss goal.

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