Mindful Eating Tips to improve digestion

Stop mindless eating - Start eating mindfully

These mindful eating tips will help you in getting start and continue eating mindfully. You may also read about the benefits of mindful eating

Most of us eat mindlessly. Once the food is in front of us, eating it is a kind of automatic and mechanical process for most of us.

The hand puts food in the mouth; we chew only till it is possible to swallow or gulp it down with some drink and then go for the next mouthful.

The food that we put in our body is important for our digestive and overall health. Our digestive process is affected by the environment that we eat this food in. When we eat in a hurried, disturbed, angry,upset,stressed atmosphere our digestion is bound to be affected adversely.

If you eat the same meal in a different; that is peaceful, pleasant, calm manner the food will be digested and assimilated in a better way.

When the digestive problems such as acidity, heartburn, indigestion etc. start and then get chronic and then we start wondering why it is happening to us. Mindful eating can help you in dealing with digestive problems as well as some other health problems too.

Mindful eating tips for better health

  1. Eat only when you are hungry. Do not look at the clock and eat because it is time for a particular meal or because the food is in front of you. Sit and eat for a meal only when you are hungry.
  2. Stop eating when you feeling full. You don’t have to eat food just because it is there on your plate. Learn to what your stomach gives a satisfied signal.Do not continue till you feel full and stuffed.
  3. Eat in a positive pleasant atmosphere. Sit in a clean, pleasant place with positive people. Turn tv off.
  4. Sit down at one place to eat. Do not eat while on the run, while driving,while watching tv or while arguing with someone. Eating on the run, you are unlikely to chew food well and are more likely to get indigestion.
  5. Chew food well. Properly chewed food is digested and assimilated well in our body, when food is not chewed well, digestive problems may start.
  6. Avoid stressful situations while eating. Be pleasant at mealtimes with your family members. Mealtimes are not for discussing stressful things.
  7. Focus on what, where, how you are eating. Do not multitask. No driving, watching tv, reading newspaper while eating. Be aware of what, how, where, when you are eating.
  8. Be aware of your emotions, sensations while you are eating. Do not eat for emotional reasons, just because you are bored or disturbed. Do something else such as, listen to music or go for a walk, read a book or Talk to a friend, do mediation or physical exercise to feel better. Eat only when your body is hungry and not when mind wants a distraction from some emotional problem.
  9. Make food choices consciously. No need to feel guilty when you give in to temptation occasionally. When you are eating and choosing healthy foods most of the time, it is OK to give in to temptation once in a while.
  10. Having a small piece of chocolate cake with pleasure is better than gobbling up a big piece and then feeling guilty about it. Moderation in everything and doing it with awareness will help you better.

Hope these mindful eating tips help you stop mindless eating habits and take you to improved digestion.

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