Making healthy food choices 
Choosing healthy foods

Making healthy food choices is imperative for good health. Choosing healthy foods becomes easy when you know the list of healthy food groups. Everybody wants to make healthy food choices.

When we are told not to eat something or to eat something because it is good for health, we do not like such advice.

As kids, we get used to certain foods that our parents gave us. We continue with the same foods even when we have some health problems because of these foods.

As we age, we need to consume lighter to digest foods.

Our tongue wants what it wants. Does healthy food need to be thrust on us? If we have a choice about choosing food, if we are given a list of foods and asked to choose from them, may be we could choose something healthy.

There, we make the choice and that makes a lot of difference to the way we think about food. Here is a list of foods we should include in our diet everyday.

Choosing healthy foods becomes easier.

Grains - grains should be part of our daily diet. Having some bread, rice, pasta made with whole grains satisfies this requirement. We should consume about 3 ounces of whole grains per day.

Vegetables - vegetables should be a compulsory part of our diet. We should eat about 2 cups of vegetables every day. That can include raw as well as cooked vegetables.

You may eat them as salads or as side dishes. The vegetables chosen should consist of all types of vegetables, dark vegetables, green, yellow etc. the seasonal vegetables are good for us.

Broccoli, spinach, sweet potatoes, beans etc. you also have a good choice where the variety of beans is considered.

Fruits are as important as the vegetables for good health.

You should eat at least 2 cupfuls everyday. Here again, you should choose a variety of fruits.

Eating a fruit is better than drinking the juice that is a good choice too. Eating a fresh fruit is better but if that is not possible for some reason, frozen, canned or even dried fruit is ok.

yogurt - Curd - Dahi

Dairy Products - Choose fat free or low fat. Yogurt is good for digestion too.

Meat and beans provide you with protein. Vegetarians can have a variety of beans, lentils and pulses and nuts. Peas, garbanzo beans (chickpeas), peas, pinto beans, kidney beans etc.

These are the food groups you should choose from and include in your diet. They provide you the necessary nutrients to maintain your health. The quantity of food will depend on your age, level of activity, your allergies, your location and availability etc.

Hope this helps you in making healthy food choices.

Even when you are having fast foods, it is possible to make healthy fast food choices.

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