Indigestion causes - what causes indigestion or Dyspepsia -

There are many indigestion causes. These causes of indigestion or dyspepsia, may be related to some diseases or certain medication the person may be taking. But more often, the causes are related to the lifestyle and food habits.

What causes Indigestion - Dyspepsia

  1. Foods :- Eating wrong kinds of foods can cause indigestion. Now all food is good by itself but it may not be good for you. You may have an allergy to it or you may have an health issue that needs you to be away from that food item. 
  2. Bad or wrong eating habits:- Bad or wrong eating habits can cause indigestion. You may have picked up these habits from childhood or they may have developped as your present day lifestyle. 
  3. Medicines:- If a person is taking some medicines such as steroid medications, antibiotics, thyroid medicines, oral contraceptives, painkillers etc, he or she may experiences indigestion. aspirin.
  4. Diseases:- Some diseases such as gerd, ibs, thyroid diseases, ulcers etc may cause indigestion. Having gallstones, hiatus hernia also may induce dyspepsia or indigestion. 
  5. Pregnancy:- can also cause indigestion dyspepsia in some women.
  6. Obesity:- Obese persons are likely to have indigestion. 
  7. Modern lifestyle:- can definitely cause indigestion. I am sure, if you have indigestion, you may find that some of the points given below, apply to your lifestyle.

There are some causes of indigestion given below

When the cause for indigestion can not be found after a through testing are examinations that person may be having functional dyspepsia. It is a type of dyspepsia of indigestion that may affect the digestive process that happens in the stomach.

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