How to stop farting or Reduce farts

What are the home remedies for flatulence

Looking for information about how to stop farting? Is it really possible to stop flatulence?

What can you do to stop flatulence? If you think that you can stop farting completely; you are going to be disappointed.

Is it possible to reduce flatulence? Yes, it is.

But not possible to stop farting. Why is that?

Take a look at the causes of flatulence.

Where does this stomach gas come from?

  • Stomach gas is an inevitable byproduct of your digestive process.
  • In addition to that, you may swallow a lot of gas/air while talking, eating, chewing gum etc.
  • Then there are those aerated drinks that you consume which add to the stomach gas.
  • There are foods / ingredients that produce more gas when you consume and digest them.
  • There are bacteria in the intestine that produce gas.
  • There are medications, which you take for some ailments.
  • Consumption of some sugar substitutes.
  • If you have some intestinal ailments, such as lactose intolerance or irritable bowel syndrome, you are likely to produce more stomach gas.

Now when there are so many ways you get your stomach filled with gas, how can you stop releasing gas completely?

From the list above you can see that there are only some of the 'flatulence causing' things you can control and reduce farting.

Even though it may not be possible to stop farting, it is possible to reduce flatulence.

Find out what is causing more gas production and retention in your case by observing your habits and daily intake of foods.

Then eliminate the causes by changing your habits one by one. That way you will know what exactly works for you.

You may consult your doctors about excessive flatulence but your own understanding your body and what works with it will help too.

You can reduce farting with

  • Regular exercise - Moving your body more improves your digestion. This can reduce the gas produced in the digestion process. Regular exercise helps in the release of gas in the stomach. This avoids the build up of stomach gas, smelly flatulence and releasing gas at awkward times.
  • Avoid constipation - Constipation can cause a build up of gas in the intestines. As you eliminate regularly, gas will be released.
  • Do yoga - yoga improves digestive organ's performance. Yoga also has some poses - asanas which help in releasing the gas produced, such as pavan muktasana, virasana etc. The lying down and raising your legs helps in releasing the gas in your stomach.
  • Reduce the intake of foods / ingredients that cause more gas.

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