Herbs for digestion - Digestive herbs

There are many herbs for digestion among the healing herbs. Here is a list of few herbs that help digestion.

These digestive herbs are used in different forms, roots, leaves; flowers etc. Drinking herbal tea is a very pleasant way to use these herbs.

These herbs are a natural way of improving your digestion. They also work to reduce or cure symptoms of different digestive problems. There are also herbs for constipation. Most of these herbs can be easily used as home remedies for various digestion problems.

How do the digestive herbs help digestion?

Ginger - fresh - dried - powder - paste

Ginger is one very effective digestive herb. It can help many digestive disorders. It helps to cure or reduce nausea and vomiting as well as stomach bloating.

It stimulates blood flow to the stomach digestive organs. It helps with flatulence, heartburn, ulcers, constipation etc.

Ginger is a commonly used cooking herb. It can be used in different forms fresh raw ginger root, dried ginger root, fresh ginger paste, dried ginger powder, capsules, essential oils etc. Ginger tea helps to get relief from cold, throat irritation, cough too.

Find here the benefits of Ginger

How to make ginger tea

Fennel bulbs and seeds
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Fennel is another commonly used cooking herb.

The seeds, bulbs, leaves of fennel are used. It is useful in crohn's disease.
Fennel can be used in tea or you can chew the seeds. It is also available in capsules.

Fennel helps body lose weight by getting rid of toxins and excess water.
It reduces acid indigestion, heartburn, flatulence, abdominal pain.

Read more about Fennel benefits.

Turmeric root - Turmeric powder

You can see turmeric root as well as turmeric powder images below.

Turmeric is used both internally and externally. It is a natural antiseptic.

It is very commonly used in Indian cooking, especially curries and vegetable dishes and savory snacks. It adds natural color to the dish.

As a digestive aid, turmeric helps in detoxifying the liver and improving digestion. It also protects the liver. It helps in irritable bowel syndrome and gall bladder problem.

Turmeric is carminative and anti inflammatory. It reduces excessive stomach acid and protects the stomach lining by stimulating mucus production.

Turmeric calms the digestive system by reducing gas and distention.

It helps the whole body, the gastro intestinal system, dyspepsia. It helps in the digestion of protein.

Caraway seeds

  • Caraway seeds are carminative. They help reduce gas and improve digestion.
  •  It is helpful to chew a few caraway seeds after a meal. You may sip a little warm water with that.
  • Caraway seeds help settle a queasy stomach.
  • It helps reduce heartburn, stomach bloating, infant colic. It freshens breath.
  •  Caraway seeds reduce indigestion and flatulence.
  • Caraway seeds improves appetite

Mint leaves

Mint is good for digestion. Mint takes away bad breath. Mint reduces flatulence.

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This mint tea is good to drink after a meal or along with a heavy meal.

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