Herbs for Constipation

Herbal Remedies for Constipation

There are many herbs for constipation relief. Constipation is embarrassing and sometimes painful problem but it can happen at some point of life due to many reasons.

Different herbs can provide relief for constipation? in different ways. The answer to the question about which herb to use will depend on what causes constipation?

Some herbs add bulk to stools that help them to pass more easily. Herbs for bulk provide badly needed fiber.

Psyllium husk , flax seeds, fenugreek seeds are such herbs and should be taken with lots of water.

Psyllium is a common bulk fiber laxative help and should be taken with lots of water.

Flax seeds are useful in mild constipation symptoms. Flax contains both soluble and insoluble fiber as well as edible oil.

The powdered flax seed, added to daily diet can help in forming a soft stool.

Fenugreek seeds contain soluble fiber. It's mucilage content is bulk forming and acts as bulk laxative. The seeds absorb water and expand the stools and stimulate peristaltic activity.

Some herbs encourage bowel movement by stimulating the bowel muscles (peristalsis) to move. Dandelion root, licorice , peppermint, ginger are mild herbs for constipation.


Ginger soothes the gut, helps digestion. It increases peristalsis. It speeds up the time to empty the stomach.

Ginger reduces the feeling of stomach bloating and discomfort.

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A few of herbal remedies for constipation have been listed here. Hope you find them useful.

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