Heartburn Symptoms

Acid Reflux - Indigestion Symptoms

You think you have heartburn and are looking for heartburn symptoms? Right? Actually heartburn itself is one of the indigestion symptoms, for acid indigestion.

There are other heart burn symptoms which are associated with indigestion. All these symptoms of heartburn may be mild or severe but they all tell you that you need to improve your digestion. If you have heartburn, you may experience any or many of these symptoms of indigestion. They may be mild or severe. But one thing is sure that they are telling you that your digestive system is having some problems.

These symptoms for heartburn include

heartburn painMan with heartburn pain

stomach bloating,

burping or belching,

aerophagia ,

flatulence, bile reflux, chronic cough, nausea, stomach pain, vomiting etc.

For mild heartburn you may experience belching or flatulence or nausea.

If you have severe heartburn, you may have stomach pain and you can relieve your heartburn only by vomiting.

The discomfort or pain can be relived using certain foods or by omitting some foods that cause heartburn .

When you experience the symptoms of heartburn, by taking a few positive steps, you can feel relief from heartburn.

Sometimes, a small change can help you in reducing your heartburn. So do not despair. Take that positive step to get relief from heartburn.

Indigestion - Heartburn Symptoms



Chronic Belching

Excessive Belching

Constant Belching

Stomach Bloating


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