Heartburn Relief In Pregnancy

Looking for heartburn relief in pregnancy? You want to enjoy your pregnancy; but heartburn can get in the way

You may be experiencing heartburn in early pregnancy or later part of pregnancy. Usually heartburn stops (if it started because of pregnancy) after the baby is born. But still, heartburn during pregnancy brings you discomfort.

During pregnancy, progesterone hormone, that relaxes muscles in pregnancy, also relaxes the stomach valve that keeps acid out of the esophagus. This can cause acid reflux and heartburn.

So you have to look for getting relief from heartburn during pregnancy. Heartburn is a symptom of indigestion. So we look to reduce that indigestion.

Here are a few things to get pregnancy heartburn relief.

Food habits for heartburn Relief in pregnancy

  • Avoid eating foods that cause heartburn. Some of the foods are: chocolates, tomatoes, mustard, coffee. Observe what foods cause you heartburn and avoid them.
  • Avoid alcohol. Alcohol relaxes LES which causes stomach acids get in the food pipe causing heartburn.
  • Caffeine during pregnancy - Avoid drinking caffeine containing drinks such as tea, colas and coffee. Caffeine relaxes the LES and lets the acid get in the esophagus (food pipe).
  • Drink water, plenty of water, juices and other fluids in between meals. But it is better not to drink them during meals. That is do not eat and drink together.
  • Do not drink a lot of water at a time but sip it little by little.
  • Drink cold milk when you have heartburn. You should sip milk, not gulp it down. Read more about milk as antacid.
  • If you prefer warm milk, drink it with a little honey in it.
  • Add yogurt to your diet.
  • Avoid eating fatty / fried foods. Go slow on spicy foods.
  • Eating habits for relieving heartburn during pregnancy

  • Eat smaller portions / meals. Big meals can put the pressure on the LES. It is better to eat 4-5 small meals than 2-3 large meals.
  • Eat slowly and enjoy your meal.  Chew your food well. You are likely to eat less and feel satisfied too. This will help in reducing the burden on the digestive system.
  • Do not bend immediately after a meal.
  • There are also some specific yoga poses for pregnant women to help them in the normal and enjoy pregnancy.
  • Natural antacids or over the counter Antacids during pregnancy

    Try to control or reduce heartburn with the use of natural antacid foods as much as possible.

    If you are not able to control heartburn with natural antacids, take over the counter antacids with your doctor's advice.

    Avoid antacids containing aluminum.

    Nutrition during pregnancy

    In general, nutrition during pregnancy has a big roll to play for the growth of the baby.Healthy eating during pregnancy can help with the proper care of yourself and the baby.

    Pregnancy nutrition care also helps you to enjoy your pregnancy without feeling the discomfort of heartburn, acid reflux, constipation etc.

    So take special care about nutrition during pregnancy. Your doctor will be the best person to advice you about pregnancy nutrition specific to your body.

    Drugs and medicines can have side effects so should be avoided or taken with the doctor's advice only.

    Nighttime heartburn relief during pregnancy

  • Do not eat just before going to bed. Eat your meal at least 2-3 hours before bedtime.
  • Do not lie down immediately after a meal. Sit or stand for sometime. Walk around slowly for a few minutes after a meal. You may do some light housework during this time.
  • If you are troubled by heartburn during night time, raise your bed on the head side. You may use extra pillows or raise the bed itself by placing blocks below the head side legs of your bed. This will stop the stomach acids from getting into the food pipe.
  • You may also go to heartburn relief in pregnancy to read more helpful tips.

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