Healthy weight loss foods - Slimming foods

Include slimming foods in your weight loss diet

This healthy weight loss foods list will help you reduce weight when you include these foods in your daily diet.

By making these slimming super foods a part of your every day meals, the effect will be long lasting.

Most of the times, you come across weight loss tips that tell you which foods you should not eat. The foods, that either add to the weight or make losing weight difficult. So completely avoiding or reducing the intake of those foods is important.

The healthy food list given here will help in reducing weight as well as maintaining the loss of weight. As in following some diets, there is no fear of regaining the weight when you stop the diet.

The slimming super foods list given below contains mostly the ingredients that you usually have in your kitchen. Therefore, there is no need to spend more time or money in acquiring these.

These weight loss foods include nuts, spices, herbs, fruits, vegetables, grains, as well as some other foods etc.

We will also add the ways, recipes you can include these foods.

Nuts and seeds for weight loss


Walnuts - contains omega 3 fatty acids that improve memory and coordination.


flax seeds, alsi, javasFlax seeds

Flax seeds - whole - Read more - about flax seed benefits

Ground flaxseed powder benefits

Sunflower seeds

Kalonji - nigella seeds

Vegetables for weight loss

Though all vegetables are good for health in some way or other, certain vegetables help in losing weight. Find list of such vegetables below.

Green vegetables such as




cauliflower, phoolgobiCauliflower



Red radish, mooliRed radish

Red Radish

white daikon radish, mooliWhite radish

White Radish - Daikon








Fruits for weight loss

Eat Whole fruits such as apples. Apple juice or applesauce contains extra sugar.  Eat the whole fruit instead, along with the skin. This will provide you the fiber necessary and fill your stomach too.

Have fruit smoothies with plain yogurt -  homemade yogurt if you can make it.



papaya parangi papaiPapaya


pineapple, ananas





melon, musk melon, cantaloupeMelon - Cantaloupe


cucumber, savtekai, kakdiCucumber


Grains for weight loss

Use whole grains and whole grain flours in preparing your meals. Avoid using the refined flour(plain flour).

whole wheat flour, attaWhole wheat flour

Whole wheat flour

Oats - Oatmeal

Brown riceBrown rice

Brown rice

Quinoa - these are seeds and used as a grain

Beans and lentils

White kidney beans


Other food ingredients for weight loss

Here are some more slimming foods that will help in healthy weight loss. These foods will also improve your overall health and energy.

Lime/Lemon juice

Water - Drinking water warm or room temperature helps digestion as well as weight loss. Water removes toxins from body too.


Soups with broth - without cream or butter. When you start your meal with such a soup, you will feel full faster.

Tossed Salads without dressings – most dressings contain fats, salt, sugars etc.

Hummus with vegetable sticks


Olive oil

Green tea

Live natural plain yogurt - contains probiotics, improves digestion.

  • Kelp (sea weed)

  • Apple cider vinegar

  • Cranberry juice (without sugar)

  • Dark chocolate - eating a piece of dark chocolate(not too much) between meals can help you feel satisfied faster.

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