Why Stomach gas and bloating go together?

Many people are worried about stomach gas and bloating. It is natural to have a little gas in the digestive tract. Everyone has some gas/air in the stomach.

A little gas in the stomach does not give you bloating or the stomach pain and discomfort that goes with bloating.

This gas is the air in the stomach or in the intestines because either you have swallowed it through your mouth because of Aerophagia or it is produced because you have consumed gas producing foods.

This gas is released through the mouth as belching - burping or as flatus through the rectum. It is natural and normal when it occurs.

When this gas is not released through these methods, when it accumulates in the stomach, bloating happens.

We are advised to stop eating before our stomach is really full. That is because we are likely to overeat and overfill the stomach. 

Our brain needs a bit longer to understand that the stomach is full. We are also advised to eat about 75% of what you need because the remaining 25% space is needed for the gas that we produce.

When high fiber diet is introduced, it should be done slowly and stomach should have some time to adjust.

Fiber is not digested. But some fiber is digested by the bacteria.

Gas is also produced as a part of normal digestive process. We can not avoid that but can reduce this by eating the right kind of foods.

Gas is produced in the large intestine when bacteria consume the food in the large intestine. This also causes the unpleasant and embarrassing odor in gas.

Some foods produce more gas than others. Beans, meat, eggs, onions etc. produce more gas than other foods.

Foods containing sulfur produce smelly gas. When we eat large quantity of gas producing foods or eat these foods more frequently, more gas is produced.

This can lead to bloated belly. When you exercise regularly, doing aerobics, walking or yogasana, gas may get released.

In yoga, there are some specific poses which help in releasing wind such as 'pavan muktasana' which means 'wind releasing pose' or 'wind relieving pose'.

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