Foods that relieve constipation

You need to know the foods that relieve constipation if you suffer from constipation. Though there are many causes of constipation, Wrong kind of food is one of the main causes of constipation in many cases.

Looking at your food intake, the types of foods, the quantity of foods you consume, with the intention of relieving constipation becomes necessary.

Even a small healthy change in your regular diet can help in reducing the occurrence of constipation.

Not just constipation, it can improve your overall digestive system as well as general health.

Foods to relieve constipation

Foods containing Dietary Fiber

If you look at the foods that cause constipation, you will find that lack of fiber containing foods is one of the main causes (though it is not the only one).

Therefore an adding / increasing fiber rich food is very helpful. Whole grains, vegetables and fruits are best fiber providing foods.

If you are already having some food rich in fiber, increasing the quantity may help.

oats - oatmeal

You may read about why we need fiber in diet. and Oats - Oatmeal nutrition benefits.

And How to cook oatmeal porridge.

Oats or oatmeal is very helpful to deal with constipation.

Foods that help in building up friendly bacteria

Fresh yogurt with active bacteria

Constipation can also occur because of the lack of friendly bacteria in the intestines.

Eating foods that help in building up friendly bacteria in the intestines can help relieve constipation.

Sometimes antibiotics may have killed the friendly bacteria.

Important Liquid food - water

Drinking more liquids, mainly water can help relieve constipation.

Fresh fruit juices, vegetable juices can also help. But then, eating fruits without making into juice, provides you with more fiber.

Tea, coffee, though liquid foods are causes of constipation for many. If that is the case for you, these should be avoided.

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