Foods that cause heartburn

The foods that cause heartburn are the food that causes stomach acid increase or the LES to relax - which causes the acid to reflux in the food pipe.

These heartburn causing foods list is a general list. Not all foods mentioned below will cause heartburn for everyone. The heartburn trigger can vary from person to person.

So it is better to keep a diary about what you are eating everyday if you suffer from heartburn. That way you can identify the foods causing you problem.

Other factors such as the eating habits, amount of food eaten, the time of food eaten, the mental / emotional condition of the person will make a difference.

In my own case, when I used to have heartburn, I found that, the time I eat food is important along with the type of food I eat. Now I take care to eat at the right time for me.

What foods cause heartburn

  • Fruits - Tomatoes, citrus fruits, grapefruits,cranberries, grapes can cause heartburn.
  • Fried foods - high fat content in any food can cause heartburn. French fries, potato chips, corn chips etc.
  • Spicy foods - Foods that are overly spices can cause burning sensation and heartburn. Mildly spiced foods are ok to consume but if you are suffering from heartburn, it is better to consume bland food till the heartburn goes away . after that you can start eating mildly spicy food.
  • High fat dairy products - All high fat foods can cause problem when you are prone to acid reflux and heartburn. High fat butter, cheese are a part of many people's regular diet. If you are one of them, and you are suffering from heartburn or are overweight, it is time to go for low fat butter and cheese. Also learn to use a smaller amount of these kind of foods.
  • Beverages containing caffeine, such as coffee, tea, chocolate drinks can cause heartburn.1-2 cups of coffee or tea per day is ok. But more than that can invite trouble. Drinking green tea , chamomile tea or ginger tea is better.
  • Alcoholic Drinks - Alcohol relaxes drinks, citrus drinks
  • chocolate - contains caffeine as well as other stimulents that can cause acid reflux. chocolate also contains higher quantity of fat as well as cocoa. Both can cause heartburn. Avoid eating chocolate or drinking chocolate flavored drinks.
  • Eggs, nuts, animal fats, vegetable oils, pasta, white bread, items made with white flour, sugar can cause heartburn.
  • All the foods mentioned above can increase the acid in the stomach.

    There are many other reasons that can increase the stomach acids and cause heartburn.

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