Foods that cause constipation

Here are a few foods that cause constipation. As with most digestive problems, food could be the main cause of constipation.

Keep in mind that there are many factors that contribute to the causes of constipation. Food is not the only cause.

What foods cause constipation?

  • The foods that is low in fiber (roughage). - This is foods lacking both types fiber, soluble and insoluble fiber.
  • Foods made with white flour such as pizza, white bread, cakes and pastries, cookies etc.
  • Red meat, Fried Foods, Dried Beans. Avoid foods that are high in fat content, foods that are high in cholesterol content, and processed foods

These foods can affect people of all ages.

fried snacks
french fries and burger
potato chips

The elderly may have problem in chewing or swallowing.

Ready to eat foods are easy to chew and swallow as they have been processed and most of the natural fiber removed. The elderly people may not have the energy to cook for themselves, so they eat more of these convenience foods because these are readily available.

Children may eat these foods as they are usually made tasty by many additives. Refined and processed foods cause constipation.

  • Most junk food, fast foods, it is mostly refined food.
  • Many ready to eat meals. Chips, pizza, instant mashed potatoes etc. These may not give you the necessary nutrition but will add to the calories.
  • Processed meat, chips, cereals etc. Because of the modern lifestyles, homemakers tend to use more of processed foods for the sake of convenience. And these processed foods could be causing constipation.

Many of these foods claim to contain added dietary fiber. So they first remove the natural fiber during processing the food, and then add the fiber again. And all the process adds to the cost of that ready food that you have to pay.

  • Dairy products such as milk, ice cream, cheese. These foods do have some good things for our body. But overeating them can contribute to constipation in some individuals.

These foods may not cause any problem if they are taken once in a while. It is when these foods become a regular diet, is taken too frequently, the problem starts and continues till you change over to a healthy diet.

These foods that cause constipation may not have the same effect on everybody. It also may not have effect during a short time.

It is necessary to watch what goes into your body if you want to function it properly. Avoid these bad foods that cause constipation if you are prone to constipation.

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