Food as medicine is very effective

Food is your best medicine as there are no side effects

The idea of food as medicine has been in practice for long. Until recently, 'grandma's remedies' which were based on the ingredients in the kitchen were very popular and these home remedies worked very well.

If you had a granny with you when you were growing up, may be you have been cured by your granny's home kitchen remedies using food ingredients. I know I was.

types of milletTypes of millet

In the recent years, where people look for instant cures, reliance on prescribed medicines has increased.

But in the bargain, people have to suffer from the side effects of the medicines.

Food can be used as medicine. Food not only fills your belly, it provides you with nutrition to sustain your life force.

The food ingredients such as grains, vegetables, nuts and seeds, herbs, spices, fruits, fats such as oils, butter, and ghee can provide nutrition to you.


All food ingredients contain nutrition as well as medicinal properties.

These medicinal properties can be used to cure some health problems as well as to improve health.

These food remedies or food medicines are part of natural remedies. Most of them are home remedies that you can follow on your own after consulting your doctor.

oats - oatmealoats - oatmeal

Depending on the problem you are suffering from, the food you need to take will vary.

There also may be some foods that you should avoid as they are not helpful to your condition or they may worsen your problems.

Fruits and vegetables form an important part of the food medicine idea. Fruits and vegetables contain the life force required to give you vitality. These are living foods.

Many people opt for 'raw food diet' for the same reason. There are some who follow the 'fruitarian diet'.

They eat only seasonal fruits till they feel full. Herbs too are very helpful as medicine for all kinds of health problems.

Homemade desi gheeHomemade desi ghee

Oils and fats play their part as medicine too.

According to Ayurveda, the Indian medicinal system, 'ghee' or 'clarified butter' has many medicinal properties.

Ghee is used as a base for many ayurvedic medicines.

Desi ghee is used externally as well as internally as a food that heals.

These are some of the foods that heal your body. You may also visit the super foods lists section.

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