Excessive Flatulence - Chronic Flatulence

Smelly gas is a symptom of digestive problem

Though excessive flatulence or chronic flatulence may need medical assistance, flatulence itself is a fairly common occurrence and does not require any medicines as long as it is not severe.

Flatulence is also known as farting, passing gas. It is a common problem and everyone and anyone may be affected by it.

Farting affects people of all ages. It can happen at any time of the day. The frequency and the amount of gas may differ.

Flatulence occurs when a person needs to expel the air/gas built up in the body. This excess gas is built up in the digestive system and goes out through the rectum.

Flatulence is embarrassing and smelly flatulence is particularly so. In many societies, passing the gas in public is not accepted or is considered impolite.

People try to hold in the gas in polite company. They also try to hide the noise and the odor.

Even when the person holds back or tries to hold back passing the gas, it is bound to happen when the person is relaxed and also during sleep. It is something that is universal and natural.

It may not be possible to stop farting completely but it is possible to reduce it.

For reducing farting, you will need to know the causes for the flatulence and the foods that cause excessive flatulence. Learn to avoid those foods, eliminate the other causes that cause excessive flatulence.

There is also lot of humor about and around flatulence and farting. Children especially love to talk about and sometimes imitate elders. And really, there are really some comic situations related to farting.

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