Causes of Excessive belching

Chronic belching - Aerophagia

The main cause of excessive belching is the excess air you take in through your mouth.

The habit of taking in excess air is called Aerophagia. Most people who have this habit are not even aware of it.

Apart from aerophia or areophagy, there are many other causes for constant belching problems. It may happen because of some digestive problems or your eating habits.

When you know what causes it your can find our why you are having chronic belching problem and work on getting rid of this .

When and how does this air get in?

  1. When you eat too fast you may swallow air along with each mouthful.
  2. If you talk while eating or drinking you may take in air.
  3. If you drink carbonated drinks often the gases in that will be in the stomach.
  4. Many people also have a nervous habit of swallowing air. They do it even when they are not eating or drinking.
  5. If you have a habit of breathing through your mouth, you may take in more air.
  6. If you have a habit of chewing gum you may swallow more air.
  7. You may be eating gas producing foods such as beans, onions, potatoes etc.
  8. We all produce saliva even when we are not eating or drinking. We swallow this saliva every time and it is a good thing. As this saliva helps in digestion and also to push the food, if there is any, in the esophagus, into the stomach.

What happens is, when we swallow this saliva, we may take in some air with it Now do not start spitting out saliva every time it is in the mouth, this saliva is useful for your digestion.

By knowing why you get this excess air in, you can try to stop it. Being aware of this problem helps.

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