How to start eating mindfully?

What is mindfulness? What is mindful eating?

You know, eating mindfully helps your overall health, helps in weight loss and improves digestive health. You may read about what is mindful eating and the benefits of mindful eating.

If you do not have time to do this at every meal in the beginning start with one meal of the day. It may be a snack or lunch or dinner or even your cup of tea or coffee.

Starting this with your first bite, drink of the day would be best. Your whole day would become better.

Once you start feeling the benefits, you are likely to make more time for your meals. Keep aside 20-30 minutes for eating. You need at least 20 minutes to feel full so give yourself that much time starting from your first bite.

If you feel 'who has got that kind of time to eat in peace?' think that the food and eating properly are the things that matter most to your health. You can definitely find enough time for keeping healthy.

Your health is very important to you and for your family's welfare too.

Do not multitask while eating. No eating while driving, watching TV serials, news or listening to music. Music makes you eat more and the current news may spoil your appetite and peace of mind.

If you have to supervise your kids while eating, sit with them and eat a fruit or have a cup of herbal tea while they eat. You can eat peacefully later.

So, are you ready to start eating mindfully?

When you are ready to eat: Put a little less food than you usually put on your plate. Remember we are not in hurry to finish that off, that you are going to eat slowly and with awareness and enjoy your food.

Before you put food in your mouth

  • Stop all other activity. Sit at the dining table or your favorite place, away from noise and any kind of disturbance and distraction.
  • Close your eyes if you wish and take a deep breath. Enjoy the aroma of your food.
  • Open your eyes and look at your food. Notice the colors and the shape of the food. Focus on how the food looks and the texture of the food.
  • Enjoy what you see.
  • Pick up food in with your spoon or fork. Thank that piece of food for being there to provide you nutrition needed for your body, for filling your stomach and for satisfying your hunger.
  • Put food in your mouth. Notice the position of your hands, arms while you put food in your mouth.

After you put food in your mouth

  • Take notice of the consistency and the feel of the food, the softness, hardness, crunchiness of the food as it feels in your mouth.
  • Notice and appreciate the flavor before you take a bite. As you take a bite, appreciate the taste.
  • Notice the thoughts that pass through your head while eating, the sounds you hear while eating, the sound of a crunch, of chewing.
  • Put your spoon or fork down while you are chewing food. Take your time to pick it up again. Think of the physical, mental, emotional, nutrition each bite is providing.
  • Eat slowly and take notice of everything. Use all the senses while eating. Consume your meal in this way.
  • I am sure you will feel the difference over time of eating mindfully. You will feel more peaceful, satisfied, may reduce weight and experience improved digestion.

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