Eating Late - cause of Heartburn Indigestion

Eating late can cause night time heartburn pain

Eating late and going to bed immediately may happen once in a while and it may not affect you. If you do that habitually, very frequently or almost everyday, it can cause indigestion and heartburn.

Your mealtimes matter where your digestion is concerned.

You may have noticed that when you have a late meal and go to bed immediately, you feel sluggish when you wake up the next morning. It is as if you didn't sleep at all or slept badly.

Occasional late eating and going to bed immediately with not make much difference. If you do that too frequently, or every day, it is bound to affect your digestive system and your health.

Eating late deprives your digestive organs the required rest

Your body gets rest when you sleep. Your digestive system needs rest too. When you eat late, your digestive system has to work when your are sleeping.

Your digestive system needs 3-4 hours to digest your meal. So if you are going to bed at 10 pm, you last meal should be over before 7 pm.

If you have a meal and go to bed immediately, your heart needs to pump more blood to your digestive organs to aid digestion. That means your heart doesn't get the required rest.

When the gap between the last meal and the sleeping time is 3-4 hours, your digestive system and heart get the rest. When the whole body gets good rest, you feel fresh when you get up in the morning.

By eating late you are depriving your digestive system the rest required by it and that may make you suffer from the heartburn and other indigestion problems.

So do be considerate to your digestive organs and be healthy by eating evening meals at a decent time. You will do a great favor to your digestive system and yourself.

Once you experience the benefits of regularly eating early enough before bedtime, you will want to do that everyday.

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