Continuous burping problem

by Rajan
(Bangalore, India)

For the last two months, I have been with continuous burping problem. After I eat food, I get the burping for every 15 minutes or 30 till one or two hours. I'm sure it is new problem I'm facing which I didn't experience till.

Initially I went to general physician who told me that it would be due to some level inflammation and he has given me some medication but nothing worked.

Then, I went to doctor(gastric specialist) but doctor asked me to take the endoscopy. But, I'm scared to under go the procedure hence I thought of checking the issue after 1 month. But till then I have been troubled with this issue.

Do we have any other easy procedure instead of endoscopy to diagnose this issue? I want to get rid off this problem soon as it gives lots of irritation and panic about my digestive system.

Please direct me!


Hi Rajan,

I know how irritating continuous burping can be as I too used to suffer from it long back.

You have not mentioned your age and if you are or were experiencing any other digestive problems earlier.

Most of the digestive problems are caused by the wrong type of food or wrong eating habits. So observing your own foods and habits may help you find the problem yourself.

I have a few suggestions. You may try them for 8-10 days and see if it helps you. If the problem is because of the foods and eating habits, you will find relief with the following suggestions.

Must do--> Drink 2 glasses
of warm water the first thing in the morning. You may have tea or coffee after 15 minutes (if you normally have it).

While having a meal,

  • Do not eat any fried and very spicy food for snacks or during any other meal for a week.

  • Eat slowly and do not do anything else while eating such as watching tv or reading. Enjoy food and pay attention to what you are eating, the texture, taste etc.

  • Chew food well.

  • Reduce the quantity of food that you are eating if you are overeating.

  • Eat bland or mildly spicy food.

  • Eat more raw vegetables in the form of salads.

  • Eat more fruits.

  • Do not drink water with food. Drink water 30 minutes before a meal or 30 minutes after a meal.

  • Burping may be a symptom caused by a variety of digestive problems. Going through the following pages may help you find out the cause of your own burping problem.

    Constant Belching

    Chronic Belching

    Excessive Belching


    No cheating on giving up fried and spicy foods for a meal or a snack. Remember, I am watching.

    Please use the comment facility below to let us know if you find any difference with these suggestions or if you use any other remedies to successfully improve your digestion problem. Hope you get rid of your continuous burping problem.

    Have a great day!

    Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for awareness only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

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    May 24, 2012
    Real Knowledge
    by: Ken

    Silly home remedies do not work for most people like drinking hot water. You need to find out the cause, and it is generally three things.

    First is gassy foods....cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, beans, onions, lettuce, can cause gas. Using Beano before eating gassy foods helps.

    Second is an over infestation of intestinal bacteria. Serious cases would require an antibiotic (xifaxin), but most cases can be controlled by drinking pure pressed cranberry juice, and by eating yogurt to add more good bacteria.

    Third, intense gas can be caused by candida or yeast. If you do not have enough good bacteria, yeast can take over and case severe gas.

    Yogurt helps a little, but the best remedy is Pao d'Arco tea. A cup twice a day keeps the yeast away. this is real knowledge from years of research, not just home remedies.

    Comment by admin

    Hi Ken,

    Thank you for visiting and sharing your views. I agree with your suggestions except of your comment about ‘home remedies’. I prefer home remedies as I find them useful.

    I do not think home remedies such as ‘drinking hot / warm water in the morning’ are silly. It is a natural way of detoxing the body. It is helpful in improving digestion, improves blood circulation.

    It is helpful to me, I have been doing it for many years and I know many others who find it useful too.

    Drinking hot water does not harm in any way, there are no side effects, it is effective and is a remedy that everyone can easily do at home.

    The causes and the symptoms of indigestion are likely to be different for everybody. While trying to find the cause for the digestive problem, drinking hot water in the morning may give the person some relief.

    Have a great day!

    May 04, 2011
    This advice worked for me
    by: Neel


    I am writing this to thank Rajan for asking the question and to you for your suggestions.

    I too have been suffering from this 'burping after meal' problem. I was feeling kind of helpless as I didn't know what to do.

    After I read your suggestions about food habits and eating habits, I decided to work on it. I am happy to tell you that after following this for a week, my burping is reduced. I am hoping it will go away soon. Now I have found a way to help myself.


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