Constipation - Painful Bowel Movement

Do you have any experience with Constipation? If your answer is no, good for you, if it is yes, if you have irregular or painful bowel movement, you need help.

Long back a friend said that, in life, three things make a person happy. The first one is, having a regular bowel movement. I laughed when he said that. I found it funny that he related the bowel movement to a person's happiness. But as I thought over it, I felt it is true. (I will tell you about the other two some other day).

Now we are talking about a natural regular bowel movement. Not one induced by artificial means such as laxatives, enemas or any other means though that is good too.

Having a natural regular bowel movement is a sign of good health, of good digestion, of having healthy lifestyle.

It is a very natural thing to happen in a healthy body. The natural elimination is the result of a good healthy diet, a properly working digestive system, and the person visiting the toilet when the urge is felt.

There are many people who are unable to go to toilet when they want to, or if they go, it is painful. They also have to face a lot of symptoms associated with constipation as a result.

Many feel shy to talk about it and suffer in silence.

By understanding what and why and how about the irregularity in the bowel movement, they can improve their health. That is the purpose of this website where you can find info about the digestive system and the digestive problems.

The help for constipation is available. Most of the causes can be removed by a little care and some change in food habits, such as adding more dietary fiber in their diet and other life style habits.

Consult your doctor early before your irregular bowel movement problem become chronic.

If it is already become chronic, take steps to find the causes and follow the advice to find relief from your irregular bowel movement.

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