Constipation in toddlers

Causes and remedies for toddler constipation

Constipation in toddlers can be a problem that some parents may be facing. It commonly happens to preschoolers and toddlers while in the process of toilet training. Patterns of bowel movement vary from child to child, just as it does with adults.

Here are a few of the numerous causes that may be the contributing factor to why your toddler is constipated.

Causes of constipation in toddler

  • Toddler constipation happens when an unusually long time passes between periods of there normal bowel movement. A toddler may be holding back from having a bowel movement because the stool may be hard and painful to pass.
  • Toddler's bodies are just beginning to adjust to the solid foods that they're eating, and this sometimes may lead to constipation in toddler.
  • Something else you may want to take note of is that constipation in toddlers is almost always related to the child's diet. There are various factors that could account for this problem. The child may not be getting enough fiber in their diet or not drinking enough fluid.
  • A slow digestive tract or even stress may be the culprit causing the toddler constipation.

The goal you want to work toward is getting your child back to having comfortable, regular soft bowel movements. Even though toddler constipation normally fixes itself with time, it can still be frightening and painful for the child to use the toilet and worrisome for parents.

You may notice your toddler tightening their buttocks and rocking back and forth or even squatting down or putting themselves into other abnormal positions.

Even though it may look like your child is trying to go potty, they may be doing just the opposite because they are scared to go to the potty in fear that taking a bowel movement may hurt.

How to relieve Constipation in your toddler

Most toddlers are physically active. That helps in relieving constipation. If your child is not active enough, try to get him to play more and be more active. That will help to get rid of constipation.

Improve toilet related habits

  • When it comes to constipation in your toddler, you need to encourage your child to have bowel movements regularly. You may need to remind the chile to go potty. Remember when the toddler had the bowel movement last. Write the day/ time down if necessary.
  • Try having them to sit on the potty for around 8 to 10 minutes twice a day after eating meals.
  • You need to be patient and avoid punishing and embarrassing the toddler because this is a problem that may take some time to solve.

Improve food diet related habits

  • Add or increase the amount of liquids to your toddler's diet. Give more water or natural fruit juices.
  • Increase the amount of natural fiber after consulting your toddler's paediatrician. You may try to give him vegetables and fruits advised by the doctor. Give the fruits along with the skins where ever possible, such as apples and pears.
  • Add oatmeal to your child's diet.
  • Add prunes or prune juice to your child's diet. Most children like prunes and they work to relieve constipation.

You may use the Castor oil treatment for your toddler after consulting with your doctor. It is generally helpful. Since centuries, Castor oil is used to help get rid of constipation. Be careful to follow the proper dosage. Given in excess, it can cause diarrhea.

If all else fails and your child is still experiencing constipation after 2 – 3 weeks, it’s best you consult your pediatrician.

In some cases, it may be a sign of possibly a more serious medical condition.

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