Constipation in elderly

by Madhu
(Pune, Maharashtra, India)

Is constipation in elderly a common thing? Do all old people experience constipation?

I am 86 years old. Used to do yoga when younger. I also used my bicycle to go to work, about 8 kilometers everyday, for 25 years. I have led a quite healthy life mostly.

Once I turned 80, I started having problems with elimination.
I couldn't 'go' for 2-3 days at a time.
My wife says I am obsessed with the problem. But I am the one having the problem, not her.

Then I started using enema. Self administered. That solved the problem but then the natural urge went away. I have become dependent on enema. Is it possible to get out of that dependency? Is it ok to depend like that?

I really do not have any other problem. I go for walk, do light exercises, pranayama etc. I also enjoy my food.

You have a good site going here.

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