Symptoms of constipation in children
Causes of child constipation

Constipation in children is a cause of worry for the parents. child constipation is a common problem.

Most of the time, once you find out the reasons, the Constipation remedies could be simple.

All symptoms given below may not be present in a constipated child. The symptoms may differ.

Symptoms of child constipation:

  • The child may have stomach pain or discomfort.
  • There may be loss of appetite.
  • The child may complain of headache or may feel sick.
  • The child becomes irritable.
  • The child may soil the clothes.
  • Bowel movement is infrequent.
  • The child feels difficulty in passing the stool and needs to strain in the toilet.
  • The stool is hard.
  • The child feels pain while passing the stool.

Causes of child constipation:

The reasons young children get constipated are similar to the adults getting constipated.

Physical causes for constipation in kids

The main reason is children do not go to toilet when they feel the urge. It becomes the habit to resist the urge. The child may cross the legs to resist the need to go.

  • If the child's anus is sore because of the earlier passing of large stool, he may not want to go again.
  • Children like to eat more junk food. Their diet does not consist of enough fiber or roughage.
  • They do not drink enough water. Again they don't want to interrupt their play to drink water or even to eat something when they are hungry or thirsty.
  • The sudden change in diet can cause constipation in young children.

Emotional causes of constipation in young children

  • If the child had constipation and painful bowel movement in the past, that memory may cause it again.
  • The child may not like to go to unfamiliar toilets, in public toilets etc.
  • The cause of sudden constipation may relate to the emotional state of the child. Kids are sensitive but they may not be able to express their emotions freely.
  • Birth of a younger sibling, parent's fights, and divorce, death in the family or separation from a loved one can cause emotional changes in the child and that may result in constipation.

Medical causes of child constipation

Some diseases can cause constipation.

Bowel disorders, under active thyroid etc. Allergy to cows milk can also cause constipation.If a child is taking some medicines, constipation may be a side effect.

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