Constipation cure for children

Constipation cure for children is similar to the cure for adults having constipation. But children may have some different issues to deal with.

The causes for children having constipation may be a little differnt so accordingly the remedies for constipation will differ.

As all the causes may not be applicable to every child having constipation problem, child specific cures for constipation should be used depending on the causes observed.

Here are a few suggestions about what you can do

If Constipation is the result of wrong food habits

If a child is

  • eating more processed food, snacks/junk foods containing more fat and less fiber - Reduce the amount of junk foods and increase the intake of healthy foods.
  • not chewing food properly because he is in a hurry to go to play or somewhere else, explain the need to do that. Offer some incentives for following your instructions. Remember to chew your food well when you are eating. The child will follow your example.
  • forgets to drink water and other healthy fluids - remind them when you can. Keep a drink ready for them if they are small to get one for themselves.
  • Offer more fruits and vegetables – raw as well as cooked - in interesting ways/recipes.
  • having digestive disorders such as under active thyroid, allergy to dairy products, cows milk etc, consult the doctor and avoid those foods.
  • on medicines that cause constipation as a side effect, the doctor can help.
  • Do not bring any junk foods in the house. Reduce the amount of fatty foods, junk foods, sweets.
  • Eat and serve meals at regular times. This can help in regular elimination time too.

Keeping track of food and other habits can help. You can see results soon by offering healthier, high fiber foods.

Cure for chronic constipation in children

Restoring the normal bowel habit can take some time. Keeping track of food and other habits can help.

You can see results soon by offering healthier, high fiber foods. Do not bring any junk foods in the house.

Most of the time, explaining to the child peacefully about the health issues and good health practices may work better.

Make sure you also follow your advice regarding the foods you eat and the way you eat. As children will follow your example.

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