How to stop Constant belching?

How to stop swallowing air?

Constant belching is very irritating and it can get tiring too. It can interrupt the smooth running of your daily routine. You can find more info of chronic belching , aerophagia, excessive belching.

Apart from taking care of digestive problems such as heartburn, some other ways are given below to control constant burping. One main cause is swallowing too much air.

You can reduce your excessive belching problem by reducing the amount of air you swallow.

How to swallow less air while breathing, eating and drinking.

  • Do you have a habit of breathing through your mouth?
  • Do you talk with food in your mouth while eating?
  • Do you chew gum all the time?
  • Do you eat too fast? Do you just gulp food down without chewing?
  • Do you wear dentures?

Observe your eating - drinking habits

You can change the bad eating and drinking habits

  • Do you eat too fast? - Eat slowly.
  • Do you open your mouth every time you chew? - Chew with your mouth closed.
  • Do you always talk with food in mouth? - Do not talk when there is food in your mouth.
  • Do you drink lots of aerated drinks? Either while eating food or every time you are thirsty? - If you are drinking too many aerated drinks, reduce that. Drink a glass of plain water when you are thirsty. Avoid drinking aerated drinks to reduce your belching.

How to stop belching

  1. If you have a habit of breathing through mouth, make a habit of breathing through your nose.
  2. Eat slowly. When you eat slowly, you swallow less air. How? If you observe, when you eat slowly, you chew your food more and better. You open your mouth less number of times.
  3. Do not talk when there is food in your mouth. Do I sound like your parent? If you are a parent, you may be telling it to your kids. Remember your parents telling you not to talk while eating, not to talk when there is food in your mouth. And you thought it was a pain not to talk when you wanted to, that they stopped you from talking just to show their authority.
  4. Stop or reduce chewing gum. While chewing gum, you are likely to open your mouth more and swallow air.
  5. Check your dentures, (if you use dentures). They should be fitting properly.
  6. When nervous or stressed, people inhale air. When you are aware of your nervousness or stressed condition you can avoid sucking in air.
  7. Some over-the-counter medications such as Maalox and Mylanta to reduce the amount of gas produced inside the body. You may try those.

Hope you find this information useful to get rid of your chronic belching problem.

By being aware of your air swallowing habit, you can control and reduce that habit. Observe your eating and drinking habits and change wherever necessary.

You may need some time to do it but it is possible. So do it and belch and burp less.

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