chronic constant belching for no reason

by brendalee garcia
(corcoran ca)

my boyfriend burps constantly. We could be lying in bed hours after eating and out of nowhere while watching t.v. he will just burp.

The kind of burp you would do after taking a good long swallow of an ice cold pepsi. He will do this constantly. With his mouth closed he will just turn his head to the side and burp over and over again.

Hes not trying to burp, it just comes out.

Its a problem when we want to make out. Sometimes it has a foul odor like rotten eggs.


Answer by admin:

Hi Brendalee,

When your boyfriend burps, give him a glass of plain warm/hot water. Let him sip it a little at a time. Drinking one or two glasses hot water may help him.

Drinking 1 or 2 glasses of hot water the first thing every morning helps too. It can help get rid of the chronic belching problem.

There are many reasons for burping constantly. These reasons may be related to the foods usually consumed, the time of eating, eating habits, lifestyle, stress level, exercise routine or lack of exercise.

There are a few tips about how you can change things. Everything may not be applicable to your boyfriend.

Observe and see what is applicable to him. Sometimes a small change in food or eating habits can help in improving the digestion and solve the burping problem.

Foods – Avoid eating processed food, high fat or spicy food, processed food, food with white flour (pizza, bread etc.). Eat more vegetables and fruits.

Eating habits – Do not overeat. Take smaller meals. Eat slowly and chew the food well. Eat at fixed times. Eat only when you are hungry. Drink more water.

Stress and relaxation – If stressed, that can cause indigestion and burping.

Reading the following pages may help to find the cause and solution for the constant belching problem.

chronic belching

constant belching

excessive belching

Best wishes!

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