What is chronic Belching?

Chronic Burping Causes

When a person belches continously or excessively, it is refered to as chronic belching or chronic burping.

There are many causes of this constant belching or chronic burping. It may be an indication of a digestive problem or it may be due to any other causes given below.

The causes of belching:

  • Belching is typically caused by eating or drinking too fast.
  • Swallowing air while eating or drinking is called aerophagia which leads to eructation or belching.
  • Carbonated drinks, which are soft drinks, beer can also cause belching.
  • Some of the drugs, common diabetes drugs can cause belching. Belching maystop when the drugs stop.
  • Some food items such as cabbage, onions, beans, potatoes etc. can cause to produce more gas in the stomach.
  • Habit of breathing through mouth.
  • If you use dentures that are not fitted properly, you may have ahabit of taking air in.
  • If you have the habit of chewing gum, you may take in excess air.
  • What does belching tells you?

  • If you belch after eating: Your stomach is full. Stop eating.
  • You may have eaten more of the gas forming foods such as beans, onions etc.
  • It is a warning that it is time to pay attention to your digestive system.

    If burping-belching is combined with dyspepsia, nausea and heartburn, it could be because of ulcer or hiatus hernia. Your digestive system is protesting that you need to be careful.

    When grownups burp a lot or continually, the cause should be investigated and treated. It is more likely to be a digestive problem. So pay attention to it and visit your doctor.

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